Meet Princess Lisa

Princess Lisa running the 2013 Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon

Princess Lisa running the 2013 Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon

Hello Everyone!

My name is Lisa and I am a Prairie Running Princess. This is a clearly a special title only bestowed upon those who are from the Canadian Prairies, love to run and have actually ran a race in Princess style garb (and totally want to do so again and again).

I have run 11 half marathons, one full marathon and handful of 10Ks since I took up running as a sport when I finished grad school in 2006 when a friend challenged me to run a half marathon with her.

After a year of hard work, determination and much needed coaching and advice from my dad (a former marathon runner), I finished the Fargo Half Marathon in 2007. Not only did I satisfy all three of my goals (1. Finish. 2. Finish without stopping. 3. Finish under two hours), I ran off 60 lbs and, upon receiving my Finisher’s Medal, became truly addicted to the sport.

Since then I have battled many injuries, motivational ups and downs and spent a fair amount of money on massages, physiotherapy and rehab tools like foam rollers and yoga straps. Despite all of this, I still keep coming back.

I look forward to sharing the trials and tribulations of this great sport and being part of the wonderful running blog community.

Much Love,


P.S. Here are my running stats:

Marathon PR: 4:25:10 Fargo Marathon (2010)

Half Marathon PR: 1:52:20 Disneyland Half-Marathon (2013)

10K PR: 49:00 Toronto Yonge Street 10K (2014)

5K PR: 25:26 MEC Race Series 1 (2014)

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