TWIRL ’16: Week 23

Sunday: 06/05/16

  • Commit to Get Fit 10K…oy…that was rough.  (6.33 miles on my garmin..bah)
  • Average pace was 8:21…more deets to come in my race recap.
  • Splits: 7:59/7:48/8:11/8:59/8:30/8:56/7:19
  • Feeling grateful that I was simply able to finish it without pain.  Given that I was in pain all the time from this time 2013 until fall of 2015, I’m feeling pretty happy to be pain free in life and in running.

Monday: 06/06/16:

  • Rest day – had a migraine and getting out of bed wasn’t happening.
  • Feeling grateful for migraine meds…they work 90% of the time…though they didn’t quite work today. lol

Tuesday: 06/07/16

  • 3.51 miles easy.  Felt good just to move and about 15 minutes of walking for warm up and cool down.
  • 30/30/30 and herbie rehab.
  • Feeling grateful that I survived the work day without throttling anyone.

Wednesday: 06/08/16

  • 60 minutes of trx, herbie rehab, 30/30/30
  • speed work: half mile repeats, 5.08 miles
  • Splits: 8:42 (w/u)/7:52/8:48/7:42/8:53/7:40/8:59/7:31/9:19
  • Feeling grateful for discipline that helped me not only go to trx, but do speed work AFTER trx, when I was ready to go home.

Thursday: 06/09/16

  • sorta easy 5 miles and change…I forgot to start my watch and I took a walk break.  unofficial total mileage was over 6 miles on the treadmill…5.16 on the garmin.
  • splits:8:34/8:35/8:36/8:34/13.21 (.15 mile walk break)/8:24
  • Feeling grateful for a faster than easy run that felt pretty good despite being fatigued from my double workout yesterday.

Friday: 06/10/16

  • Rest Day.
  • Feeling grateful for an impromptu dinner and a friend.  French fries and grapefruit beer have never been more enjoyable.

Saturday: 06/04/16

  • 4 miles ish–my Garmin was dead….but I just took it wasy and felt pretty darn great.
  • Feeling grateful for chillaxed Saturdays.

Weekly run mileage: 23.92
Total run mileage: 362.26


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