TWIRL ’16: Week 21

Sunday: 05/22/16

  • Zero.  Plans changed and it left no time to run.
  • Feeling grateful another birthday for one of my adopt a nieces.

Monday: 05/23/16:

  • 10 miles.  Average pace 8:40
  • Feeling grateful this happened, but I wasn’t thinking it was.  🙂

Tuesday: 05/24/16

  • 3.0 miles that was supposed to be easy but I ended up running 8:16/8:17/8:11.  I just felt the urge to run the stress of the day away, even though it hurt me after.
  • Feeling grateful that I appear to be injury free despite getting t-boned on my drive to work.  I am also grateful for the man who stopped and came forward as a witness to my accident and the fact that the cops who were a few about 50 metres away also came to my aid during the accident.

Wednesday: 05/25/16

  • 5.11 miles of speed work
  • 8:43 (w/u)/7:48/8:48/7:39/8:52/7:38/8:56/7:36/10:20 (c/d)
  • Feeling grateful for a number of things today….feeling grateful a friend hung with me while I did this speed work…because good grief did it feel horrible.  I’m also feeling grateful that today marks the one-year anniversary at my new job and I am still alive.

Thursday: 05/26/16

  • No fitness today – going out with some friends from high school to see a band we loved in high school…it’s going to be epic!!!
  • Feeling grateful for pineapple mojitos and laughs and friends.

Friday: 05/27/16

  • 4.01 miles. Splits: 8:18/ 8:16/8:18/8:19
  • Glad I got the run in as I had a lot of stuff to do tonight and I wanted to quit at mile two.

Saturday: 05/28/16

  • Zero fitness.  Not planned, but late night on Friday and early morning to volunteer for the Pride 5K this morning…left me feeling I had plans in the evening.
  • Feeling grateful for fun nights with good friends.

Weekly run mileage: 22.12
Total run mileage: 315.40


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