TWIRL ’16: Week 20

Sunday: 05/15/16

  • 3.12 miles…just chill and easy.  A bit sore from yesterday’s race.
  • Feeling grateful for an easy run.

Monday: 05/16/16:

  • 2.21 miles.  Just felt crappy to be honest, but I did manage to do them at an 8:10 pace.
  • Feeling grateful for a chill day at work.

Tuesday: 05/17/16

  • 5.01 miles at an 8:23 pace.  It felt much harder than an 8:23 pace…believe me.
  • Feeling grateful for my lovely twin friends who are celebrating a birthday today.

Wednesday: 05/18/16

  • rest day.  Had a much needed stress reliever night of food and drinks with lovely friends.
  • feeling grateful for a night to just vent and enjoy lovely company.

Thursday: 05/19/16

  • 3.12 miles…slow…legs felt heavy after my day off….but then I found an extra burst of discipline and ran another 1.88 miles at an 8:18 avg pace to hit a total of 5 miles for the night.
  • Feeling grateful that I found an extra 1.88 ounces of motivation.

Friday: 05/20/16

  • super slow 3.12.  I snuck this run in immediately after a 2.,5 hour nap!!!!  Felt. Awful.
  • Feeling grateful it is Friday.  It’s been a looong week.

Saturday: 05/21/16

  • 3.12 easy miles in prep for my long run on Sunday.
  • Feeling grateful for brunch with a lovely friend, post run.

Weekly run mileage: 21.57
Total run mileage: 293.28


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