TWIRL ’16: Week 19

Sunday: 05/08/16

  • 3.12 miles….feeling discouraged after so many shitty runs…so I’m just phoning it in.
  • Feeling grateful for my grams on this mother’s day…she is awesome.

Monday: 05/09/16:

  • 5.01 miles at 8:21…best run I have had in weeks…such a relief.
  • Feeling grateful for Cherry Garcia ice cream.

Tuesday: 05/10/16

  • 3.12 easy run today…and it felt easy…even while texting a ton. lol.
  • Feeling grateful that I have some really awesome people in my life.

Wednesday: 05/11/16

  • 3.59 miles of speed work.  Did a five minute warm up and then 0.5 mile repeats and then a mile cool down
  • 8:36 (w/u)/7:39/8:43/7:43/8:48/8:38(c/d)
  • Feeling grateful that this workout didn’t feel entirely like death.

Thursday: 05/12/16

  • No fitness today – had a birthday party/girls night to attend.
  • Feeling grateful for all the laughs this evening…rest assured there were many!

Friday: 05/13/16

  • No fitness today, again, as I it was a long week with lots of emotion (so much drama…though there was some great stuff), and I have a race on Saturday morning
  • Feeling grateful for the weekend.  It is soooooo needed.

Saturday: 05/14/16

  • 10K Race…and I didn’t feel entirely like death (6.32 miles on my Garmin).
  • Finishing time 52:15 (chip time).
  • Splits (Garmin): 8:13/8:13/8:13/8:16/8:19/8:33/7:49 (0.32 miles for my last split according to the Garmin)
  • Everything felt really great til mile 5- 6 – got a stitch in my side and it felt awful.
  • Feeling grateful for a functioning, pain free race and for friends who came out to celebrate my race victory today.

Weekly run mileage: 21.16
Total run mileage: 271.71


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