TWIRL’16: Week 18

Sorry it’s a bit late this week…and it was a rough run week. lol.

Sunday: 05/01/16

  • 3.12 miles of death – running after a gastro bug for most of the weekend and not eating since Friday at dinner….hurt.  Avg pace 9:12….felt like 19:12.
  • Feeling grateful that my gastro bug finally seems to be leaving my alone.

Monday: 05/02/16

  • calf is all knotted up and I’m afraid to run and really mess it up.  Opted to use the stationary bike for 30 mins and then power walk a smidge over a mile in about 15 minutes on an incline.
  • Feeling grateful that this tight calf thing isn’t a problem more often.

Tuesday: 05/03/16

  • zero.  Needed a day to myself.
  • Feeling grateful that I took the day…totally needed it.

Wednesday: 05/04/16

  • 5.81 miles…running and walking.  Ran really fast to start and then after a little over a mile, my energy just died.  A friend joined me for suffering on the treadmill next to me…helped me get some extra miles in.
  • Feeling grateful that I had company during a run that felt rather hellish, though my one faster mile at the beginning (was 8:07 min/mile) was a tiny bit encouraging.

Thursday: 05/05/16

  • 3.13 miles…seriously…no energy after the first mile.  This stomach bug has thrown me for a loop.
  • Feeling grateful that I, at the very least, got in some mileage.

Friday: 05/06/16

  • 3.12 miles at 8:22 pace…tried to do some weird version of speed work toward the end…so the last mile was at 8:15…but meh…felt death like, though not as death like as before.
  • Feeling grateful that I got to have drinks out on a patio in the sun with a lovely friend.

Saturday: 05/07/16

  • 3.12 miles…average pace 8:43.  Still not feeling great, but better than all my other runs this week…though that really isn’t saying much.
  • Feeling grateful for my friend’s boyfriend gifted me with a Terry Fox tee shirt. 🙂

Weekly run mileage: 18.3
Total run mileage: 250.55


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