Tigers don’t change their stripes


…and neither do people.

I keep expecting people…two specifically, to magically smarten up and become responsible, thoughtful, adults.

I keep being disappointed.

The worst part is that I know better.

People don’t change.

I wish I could just pull an Elsa and let it go…not let this stuff bother me and just continue doing my thing…the right thing….and not let anger and frustration eat at me.


Maybe I should find myself a boxing class to attend…work out some of my frustrations…

Happy Monday  folks!



8 thoughts on “Tigers don’t change their stripes

    • Sadly, I don’t think so…they are stubborn and don’t take to kindly when people suggest they do something differently. Sigh. It will pass…just need to breathe…and maybe go find a baked good to inhale.

  1. Expectation can be a beast and the best method is to just have no to little expectation. But you are a human and obviously you care about the people so you want better for them. Problem is if they don’t, you can’t do much about it.

    Take care of yourself and try to not judge them too harshly or better yet, try to not judge yourself to harshly for wanting more for them.

    Letting go takes time but acknowledging is an excellent first step.

    And yes boxing is very exhilarating way to punch through pain.

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