Friday Five

Ugh….It’s been a week.  And yes, I realize that there has been a negative tone to a lot of posts this past week or so, but I’m confident that this is just a rough patch and things will get better soon…so please folks, be patient with me.

Today’s Friday Five is about the positive things that have happened this week…gotta try to add some silver linings to the clouds.

  1. I stuck up for myself with a colleague at work who was throwing me under the bus and trying to tell me how to do my job.  I went to her office and we chatted and I kept my cool and didn’t cry (I cry when I’m angry/frustrated).  I felt so empowered after the discussion…I felt like I could’ve ran six marathons.  It was fantastic.
  2. I made two different but delicious plates of nachos this week….I think I def. need to make nachos more often.
  3. I got some work kudos from the higher ups and I got a new initiative I proposed at work approved by the management team.  It’s going to be a lot of work to get it going, but it will be a game changer.
  4. My work place is generally good, but lately, with the increased workload of late, people are getting rather cranky with each other.  Today, I took a quick break ran to the store and bought ice cream for my wing of the office so we can have a little ice cream social at lunch.  It blew my mind how much that little thing changed the entire mood of the office.  Def. something I will have to do again.
  5. IMG_1371[1]All this week I’ve been trying to break up my mood by dressing up a little extra nice (or in the case of Star Wars day – fun) every day and a cute guy complimented me.  That felt fan-f@cking-tastic!

What five things made you happy this week?



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