Pixie Dust Challenge 2015

OMG…how has it been a year since this happened?


I think back to this event…and well, it makes me smile.  It marked my first time running the Tink weekend, my first pink Coast to Coast medal, my second inaugural challenge and the first time I ever inadvertently slept through a race (the 5K….my co-traveller insisted the race started at a certain time…and I didn’t check because I didn’t want to be THAT person and we ended up missing it).  I took a bunch of photos during the 10K (though not all are in this little mosaic above….and I got featured on the runDisney facebook photo album (see my tink hands up photo down Main St. USA on the left).

I wish lots of luck to those lovely runners in Disneyland this weekend.  Be safe and keep that pixie dust handy!

~Princess Lisa



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