Training is Off the Rails

So it’s the first week of May.  In fact it’s May the 4th..and yes, I’m celebrating Star Wars Day at work.



Wearing this to work today was my way of chilling out a bit because the last week or so has been a tough one.  Work has been INSANE, I was sick with a horrible gastro bug on the weekend, I’ve had a calf knot for the past three days that finally released this morning and my sleep has been wonky since getting sick.  I missed the weekend long run..and I’m not too far away from my first (of four) half this year (and first in over a year) and I’m four months away from my planned I wanna  PR race.  My workout quality is hit and miss and I’m lacking in major consistency on the whole weight training/cross training part….and if I’m honest, it has been this way since I got back from Australia.

My workouts are starting later and later in the evenings…mostly because I’m getting home later, eating dinner later and thus hitting the gym later…around 7:30/8:00pm…leaving very little time or ambition to do a decent post maintenance care like rolling, stretching, etc. especially if I need to run to the store afterwards to get lunch fixings.

My old job was far less intense and far more predictable. I was able to make my hours work for me and utilize my lunch hours to sneak in “extra” workouts…luxuries not guaranteed at this job.

I  am going to attempt a long run tonight and some weights if I’m feeling really good (I took last night off because my calf was still knotted and I was burnt out from the day).  As I run, I’m going to spend my time thinking of things I can do to make getting back in PR shape easier for myself in light of the unpredictable nature of my life….and if anyone has any advice that does not include me getting up before the sun comes up (I really, really, really, really, REALLY hate running really early in the morning), I’m all ears! 🙂

~Princess Lisa


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