TWIRL ’16: Week 17

Sunday: 04/24/16

  • No time to run today…too busy celebrating brother’s birthday and babies about to be born. 🙂
  • Feeling grateful for the lovely people I got to celebrate today.

Monday: 04/25/16

  • No workout today as I didn’t sleep well the night before and had a sleep deprivation migraine…plus my dad needed help doing his taxes.
  • Feeling grateful that I noticed a new deduction my dad is eligible for and got him some extra cash on his return.

Tuesday: 04/26/16

  • 7.26 miles in 1:01:52!  Splits: 8:34/8:37/8:36/8:33/8:34/8:27/8:27/7:41 (last 0.26)
  • 30/30/30….that was about it…lol
  • Feeling grateful because I kinda, sorta felt like my old, pre injury running self. 🙂

Wednesday: 04/27/16

  • 3.12 miles easy (avg pace was 8:40)
  • Strength training: hamstring curls, walking lunges, squats, calf raises,one legged med ball dead lift, bent over row, bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises, clamshells, Herbie rehab, 30/30/30
  • Feeling grateful that I had the discipline to do weights after not doing them for a week or so. lol.

Thursday: 04/28/16

  • Nothing.  My lunch run didn’t quite work out so it got shelved as I had a hot date with a lovely friend and her baby boy.
  • Grateful for good friends who, despite not seeing them for awhile, still are the best.

Friday: 04/29/16

  • 5K (3.12)run around The Forks in downtown Winnipeg, followed by a 60 minute pop up hip hop class.  Lots of fun, but totally hard.  I’m soooo not a dancer. 😉
  • avg pace 8:27…last mile was slow because my trail was covered with a tooon of wet mud….almost lost my shoe.
  • Feeling grateful for friends who push me past my comfort limits. 🙂

Saturday: 04/30/16

  • No exercise at all.  Fell ill with a stomach bug…
  • feeling grateful that I don’t always feel this crappy.

Weekly run mileage: 13.5

Total run mileage: 232.25





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