Friday Five

TGIF to the max.  It’s been a busy week in work and outside of work.  I’m glad to have a partially chill weekend ahead. I say partial as it is quite likely that I will have to work this weekend to prep for a presentation I’m doing on Tuesday on a new initiative I will be proposing and leading in my organization…scary but awesome.

As this Friday Five is on the bleeding edge of a new month…and it’s finally feeling like spring, I’m going to pop up a May bucket list for the five things I want to do this month.

  1. Run a 10K race.  There are a few coming up….just need to pull the trigger.  It will be my first race in a year…and it won’t be pretty.  The goal will be to finish and nothing more.
  2. Test out the different running clubs in the city.  Yes, I know…I have said I would do this before and I failed…but I’m really hoping that this time, I can find one that sticks.  I feel like I would benefit from having running buddies.
  3. Do some cross training…weights……swimming…I need to shake it up a smidge.
  4. Spend more time with friends and family…and doing things that aren’t just eating and drinking.  I was a bit of a  hermit since I started this job…and especially over the winter.  I want to change this up big time.
  5. Try to give myself weekly manicures.  I love the look of polished nails, but I’m not so good at it.  Perfect time to learn and practice. 🙂

Do you have any fun things you want to do in May?  Let me know your May bucket list…or maybe your May f@ck it list?


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