It’s been one of those weeks…

Life is sorta annoying right now….it makes me want to be like Miss Bridge Jones below and take a few mental health days and spend them in silence at the local Nordic spa.


Or…at the very least, I want it to be the weekend…specifically Sunday as it is a day where I have zero commitments aside from my long run….well and work.  I sorta forgot about that work piece…le sigh.

I’ve been making up for lost social time the last few weeks..going out on weekends and school nights with different people for food n drink….I had forgotten how fun it can be to get on some high heels and be out among people vs hibernating.  I have plans with friends the next three nights…but don’t worry, I will still make sure I get fitness in….in fact, one of my dates is for fitness – a free pop-up hip hop dance class tomorrow after work (though I will be attempting to leave a bit early to sneak in a run before hand as the class is in a scenic part of Winnipeg and it would be nice to run there.IMG_1301[1]

I also need to get myself some runners. I have always, always been an Asics girl…but…I switched to the Nimbus a few years ago after the GT 2000s were changed and I started to get constant Plantar Fasciitis…..but since I switched to the Nimbus, I have had really burny/painful blisters developing on my arches…and and arguably have gotten worse with the newest iteration of the Nimbus.  Insert sad face because I loved how consistent Asics were for me for such a long time….and so now begins the struggle to find new shoes.

The ones pictured above are Saucony Guide 9s…they are ok, but have given me a pretty lovely blister on my right foot (apparently that is my “wide” foot, which I didn’t know I had) and they make my toes go numb on the left foot.  I will be hitting up the running store again to try a new shoe because though these were closer to feeling better (no burny blister patch on my arch), they aren’t quite what I need.  I’m going to print out the recommendations on Runner’s World’s Shoe Like Mine search tool and see if any of those match up with my apparently fussy feet.

On that note, I bid you all adieu and have a happy Small Friday! 🙂







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