TWIRL ’16: Week 14

Sunday: 04/03/16

  • 10K!!  (6.22 miles) Longest I have run since probably the last week of February.
  • Average pace was 8:40. Splits: 8:34/8:42/8:43/8:44/8:45/8:37/8:10 (.22)
  • 30/30/30, herbie rehab, clam shells
  • 30 minutes Yoga for Runners – Yoga with Adrienne.
  • Feeling grateful for a productive day. Washed my sheets and duvet in addition to my regular laundry, got groceries AAAAND made pizza from scratch and made another that I popped into the freezer for a quick dinner another day.IMG_1156[1]

Monday: 04/04/16

  • Ran 4.15 miles in  35 minutes (not the 37 I wrote in this pic…#typo).  I forgot I did a two minute warm up walk to start.
  • Also did 30/30/30, herbie rehab, clam shells, sumo squats, walking lunges, rows, lateral raises, bicep curls, assisted dips, one legged dead lifts
  • Feeling grateful for the fact that New Kids on the Block came in the last little bit of my run.  Hearing and seeing Step By Step brought a whole lotta joy to those last few minutes…even if I looked like an idiot miming the dance moves from the video and singing to myself as I ran.

Tuesday: 04/05/16

  • Impromptu coffee date instead of swim club. Check the post.
  • Feeling grateful that I am doing what feels right re this whole swim thang!

Wednesday: 04/06/2016

  • Ran 4.0 and walked another 1.10 miles at a good clip and incline (can’t remember exactly) Pace for the run was avg 8:45 and my incline was at 0.5.
  • Wish it felt better but my dinner felt like a brick in my stomach and I developed a stitch after the first mile that persisted until I finished.
  • Also did my quick weight plan at work: squats, deadlifts, lunges, calf raises, rows, hamstring curls on a physio ball, bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises and three adapted chin ups (jump up and lower my self down as slow as I can)
  • 30/30/30 and herbie rehab…as I write this I realize I forgot my clam shells…bah!
  • Feeling grateful that despite today’s run sucking, I am noticing my fitness and endurance and mental toughness is improving.

Thursday: 04/07/16

  • 6x 400m (.25 mile) repeats and then a cool down 5 min walk.  Total run mileage:  3 miles
  • 8:08/8:47/8:17/8:53/8:17/8:58/8:21/9:00/8:09/8:59/8:10/9:03
  • Feeling grateful to have done my first bit of speed work in about 6 weeks..or maybe 8.

Friday: 04/08/16

  • Active rest day – last curling lesson!
  • Feeling grateful that I had the guts to try out these curling lessons.  I can’t believe how much fun I have had learning it!

Saturday: 04/09/16

  • easy 3.12 at the gym this morning.  Keeping it easy so I am ready to attempt a 7 miler tomorrow.
  • Feeling grateful that I got to have a lovely dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a looong time!

Weekly run mileage: 20.49
Total Swim mileage: 5.13 miles (8.28 kms)
Total run mileage for 2016: 198.96  miles (almost 200 miles!!!)


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