Ca$h: My Economic Plan Update

Oh March.  You were such a bad, bad, bad month.  Like for reals bad.  Vacationing in Australia….feeling like sh!t which led to a small shopping spree at a recent half price Banana Republic sale (can you say emotional spender!?) and signing up for another runDisney race challenge (and already booking the airfare because the flights were decently priced and perfect)…it was baaaaaad.  I mean those last two were nearly $1,000 right there…but have no fear, there is no debt happening to cover these costs…the money has slowly been accumulating to pay for these racecation expenses.

I would love to do an all out shopping ban to prevent me from splurges like the Banana Republic one or spending a ton of money on cold brew iced coffees, but in all honesty, I know it won’t work.  I really value my occasional fancy coffee dates with friends and I know that the next few months are filled with baby showers, birthdays and just general summertime shenanigans.  Life is too damn short and though I want to save my money,  I don’t want to live like a hermit either.

For the next four months… April 1 – August 31, I’m going to do my very best to get back to being a mindful spender and I’m going to go back to tracking my expenses again, but, also, as a unique twist, I am going to track the things I didn’t buy…and their costs…so I can get at least some appreciation of what I have not succumbing to my spendy desires.  I’m hoping that watching the total cash I didn’t spend over the next few months is going to help spur me on to greater resolve to not spend money foolishly.

Wish me luck!!!  Will update you on April 30th!

~Princess Lisa







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