Wine n Dine is happening!

Soo…Team Can-Am is going to Wine n Dine!  Me, Nic and Kellie are doing Lumiere’s Two-Course Challenge and Rae and Kim are doing the half.  I’m so excited and relieved we got in.  Especially since Rae and I encountered some pretty horrible technical problems..



I’m so excited about getting to spend the weekend with these lovely ladies and run what will be my twentieth half marathon (with a last minute addition to my current schedule), my fifth Disney Challenge (by the time I get there I will have done Dumbo twice, Glass Slipper and Pixie Dust) and my first time doing Wine n Dine.

Now I just need to train…and based on the runs I have experienced over the last week, after being away from running due to vacation and illness for a month, it may not be all that fun to start. lol.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


6 thoughts on “Wine n Dine is happening!

    • Me, too, Jenn. I was very panicked at one point. All I could get was a white screen and a constantly moving circle to suggest something was loading but just couldn’t make it.

      Looking forward to hopefully meeting you face to face in November! 🙂

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