Registration Day!


Team Can Am!!!

Sooo…last year, I couldn’t make Wine n Dine happen.  New job, my (at the time) mysterious stomach ailment (I’m looking at you Herbie the Hip Flexor) and the change from going with my grams and cousins to run to just me going…well, it messed with everything and I did not go and I missed out on Wine n Dine with my girls.  Every time I look at this pic…it makes me sad, though I love that flat Lisa was part of it. 🙂

Today I am hoping that me, Rae and Kellie get in for our races as part of the Wine n Dine weekend and that we will all be there and running and awesome.

And, truthfully, even if it doesn’t happen and I don’t get in…I’m still going.  My flights are booked as is the hotel.  I just may not add to my medal haul like I am hoping.

Good luck everyone and hopefully, the next time I post, it will be filled with happy registration news.

~Princess Lisa



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