TWIRL ’16: Weeks 9-12

So the last few weeks have not gone to plan.  In Aus, I hoped to run, but the intense heat and jet lag made it near impossible for me to find the energy to run.  Sadly this continued when I returned home…a very rough adjustment back to my regular time zone and then getting sick.

Fortunately I’m finally feeling better today and I hit the gym for an easy run and some light weights as I want to continue feeling better, not wear myself out further.

The following is a summary of the runs I did do over the past few weeks…and there is immense hope that I will get back into the swing in the next week or so.

Tuesday: 03/01/16

  • 3.12 miles with a friend at the gym.  Just a chance to get in some last minute fitness before 23 hours in transit.
  • Feeling grateful for vacation starting.

Monday: 03/06/2016

  • 3.01 miles in crazy heat and rolling hills of the Sutherland Shire in Australia.
  • Feeling grateful for the time to run and the change of scenery.

Wednesday: 03/08/16

  • 3.2 miles of crazy, seemingly never ending hills!!!  In crazy heat.  OMG.
  • Feeling grateful for feeling the crazy burn of those hills…even if it meant I was sore for three days afterward!!!!!!!!

Tuesday: 03/15/16

  • 3.12 miles of trail running and one IMMENSE, seemingly never ending hill in the rain and the dark at Royal National Park Audley with my Aussie friend’s bestie.  So. Much. Fun.
  • So grateful for my Aussie friends and the kindness of their friends and family.

Thursday: 03/17/16

  • 3.12 miles of post vacay running.  Felt horrible.
  • Feeling grateful that I made it home safely.

Saturday: 03/19/16

  • 4.10 mile walk.  Just couldn’t run after several days of next to no sleep.
  • Feeling grateful to meet friends at the gym and to have moved.  It would NOT have happened otherwise.

Sunday: 03/20/16

  • 2.86 miles of running outside on zero sleep.  Felt surprisingly good during and after.
  • Feeling grateful for just feeling ok despite being completely and utterly sleep deprived.

Monday: 03/21/16

  • 3.12 miles with a short walk break on a 1% incline
  • body weight lunges, sumo squats with a 22.5lb weight and 8lb medicine ball single leg deadlifts (need to start somewhere and I started small…bah).
  • Feeling grateful that I slept 9.5 hours last night.

Saturday: 03/26/16

  • 3.85 miles 10 and 1 intervals.  Very sick this week and this is my return back.
  • Experimented with a weight training plan I created on Friday.  Might tweak it a bit more before I post it, but so far, so good.
  • Feeling grateful that my illness that hit on Tuesday has finally subsided enough to let me move!!!

Weekly run mileage:  26.38 miles (obvs this time is more than a week)

Total Swim mileage: 5.13 miles (8.28 kms)

Total run mileage for 2016: 157.14 miles


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