Friday Five: Australia


My first day in Sydney, Circular Quay – December’06

Though technically I am a week away from officially being in the country (I arrive next Friday morning, Australia time), I’m already eagerly counting down the moments until I get there and I am excited about sooooo many things for this trip.


There are many groups of “five” that I am looking forward to on this trip…and below are my three of my top lists:

Top Five Food/Drink:

  1. Dinner resos at Quay.
  2. Arnott’s cookies (Tim Tams, Kingstons, Mint Slices, OH MY!)
  3. Flat Whites (so much better than the Starbucks versions).
  4. Coopers Sparkling Ale (yummy yummy beer)
  5. Nachos, Guac and champers (the standard snack when I arrive in Aus)

Top Five Things I look forward to doing:

  1. Hang with my girls and my adopt a nieces!!!!
  2. The aforementioned nachos, guac and champers while watching Walking Dead
  3. Bake macarons for my little adopt a niece’s first birthday!!!
  4. Surf with my friend’s husband and then enjoy some breakfast beers
  5. Celebrate my adopt a niece’s first birthday and take her to her swimming lessons

Top Five Things I Like Doing in Australia

  1. Shopping.  They have some lovely stores you can’t find in North America and I love, love, love me some Peter Alexander pjs!
  2. Hanging out in downtown Sydney.  The hustle and bustle of Martin Place and George St., Circular Quay, The Opera House, Harbour Bridge, the Rocks the ferries to Manly beach…so many great places.
  3. Listening to the slang and accents.  It always makes me smile.
  4. The easy access to champers at local lounges, restaurants, etc.
  5. Go for a run and not freeze my rear off!

Woo! Australia!  Can’t wait!

~Princess Lisa


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