I Baked: Cake Batter Macarons

This weekend I baked up a storm!

It started on Saturday night with some cake batter macarons that I had been eyeing for about a week when I spied them on the instagram of Baker’s Royale!

These might actually be the most perfect macarons I have ever made – each one turned out perfectly.



What makes this even better is that the creator of this recipe, Naomi herself actually commented several times on my instagram pics!!!!!!!!  GAH!!!  (P.S. Follow my personal account on instagram).

So without further ado, here is her amazing recipe.  I hope she doesn’t mind that I shared it here.  I recommend you start following her blog anyway, because she is awesome and makes some really gorgeous things.

Cake Batter Macarons

Yield: Makes about 12 cookies



  • 60 g almond meal
  • 120g confectioner’s sugar
  • 30 g granulated sugar
  • 60 g egg whites (about 2 eggs)
  • 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 3 tablspoons sprinkles
  • Optional: 1 teaspoon teal powdered food color (I used Rolkem)

Cake Batter Frosting

  • 1 cups powdered sugar, sifted
  • 1/4 cup yellow cake mix
  • 2-4 tablespoons heavy cream
  • 3 tablespoons butter room temperature
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1-2 drops pink food coloring


To make macarons:

Preparation: Line bake sheet with parchment paper

Place egg whites and sugar in a stand mixer bowl and fit mixer with a whisk attachment. Beat on medium low speed until egg whites start to form loose translucent bubbles. Increase mixer speed to medium and beat until meringue turns foamy and white and starts to resemble well lathered shampoo, about 2 minutes, add cream of tartar. Increase mixer to high  and beat until meringue holds glossy stiff peaks, about another 2-3 minutes. *If you are using liquid food coloring, add it in now and beat until just combined. Turn off mixer.

Process almond meal and powdered sugar in a food processor and then sift. Discard any large chunks. *If you are using powdered food coloring, whisk it in now.

Add dry ingredients to meringue. Using a sturdy spatula fold and smash dry mixture into meringue against the bowl for about 20-25 folds. Don’t worry about being gentle the idea is to knock the air out of it. The batter should hold its shape when spooned on itself and start to slowly flatten out after about 15-20 seconds. Start checking the  batter after 20 folds for readiness. Transfer batter to pastry bag and let rest for 20 minutes before piping.

Pipe inch circles onto parchment lined bake sheet. Take hold of pan and give it quick hard tap against the counter, turn the pan 90 degrees and give it another quick hard tap. This will deflate any bubbles and will help to prevent cracked shells.

Note from Lisa: Take a close look for bubbles – use a toothpick to pop them, but do it gently.  Also, if you want to pop some sprinkles on your macs like Naomi and I did, this is the time – you want them on there just before they start to dry, allowing them to stick.

Set pans aside until a slight skin forms on macarons, about 30-40 minutes. (The batter should not stick to your finger when lightly touched). Bake macarons at 300 degrees F, until macarons easily lift away from paper, about 20 minutes.

To make filling:

Add all ingredients into mixing bowl. Mix on low speed until all ingredients are combined and frosting is desired consistency. Add more powdered sugar or heavy cream as needed.


Pipe filling on one shell. Place a second shell on top.

Another note from Lisa – these freeze really well.  I currently have mine wrapped into a few layers of plastic wrap and then in an air tight container.  When you want to serve, take them into the fridge overnight to defrost.  Then from the fridge, let them sit for at least 20 minutes to warm up a bit before you serve.


~Princess Lisa



8 thoughts on “I Baked: Cake Batter Macarons

    • I wish I could. The issues with shipping things across the border is definitely problematic. I do plan on trying to bring some treats with me to Wine n Dine this year. Provided I can get myself registered while I am in Australia.

  1. When I run a lot, I crave baked goods. I’ve run 26 miles already this week, and I took yesterday off….your macaroons look SOOO yummy to me! I bought a slice of cake yesterday and hid it (wrapped up), under my bed so my daughter wouldn’t find it. May have to eat it tonight!

    • It’s so funny you say that, Rebecca. I baked them and have stored them in my freezer to act as motivation to go to the gym on the days where work destroys me (it’s been happening a lot lately), instead of just staying at home and doing nothing. I know food isn’t the smartest motivator, but I think that on those days, where I would very likely be treating myself anyway, it is strategic to have them AFTER I hit the gym.

      • Ha-ha! I do something similar… I’ll be feeling wishy washy about an afternoon workout. So to MAKE myself do it, I eat a pop tart. 400+ calories. Now I know I have to work out. Yes. A bit crazy!

      • Glad I am not the only one. I figured these were perfect because they need to thaw before I eat them…so take them out of the freezer, workout for an hour and the treat myself to a pretty and yummy cookie or two…er..three. 😉

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