TWIRL’16: Week 6

Sunday: 02/07/16

  • 7.01 miles in 59:22! 30/30/30 (push ups, sit ups and deep-ish squats)
  • Feeling rather grateful that my run was awesome today.  It was pain free, the longest I have run since last May (I think – can’t remember for a fact) and I got to watch bunnies playing in the snow.

Monday: 02/08/16

  • 3.51 miles easy run with 15 mins of walking
  • 30/30/30 (side lunges, Russian twists, push ups), plus Herbie rehab and Cool Down Yoga for Runners with Adriene on YouTube (thanks for the recommendation Nic).
  • Feeling grateful that work wasn’t as stupid as I anticipated it would be today.

Tuesday: 02/09/16

  • Nothing.  Work was hell.  Instead I looked into and booked a hotel for my upcoming trip to see Springsteen in Minneapolis.
  • Feeling grateful that I managed my stress well last night.

Wednesday: 02/10/16

  • 3 half mile repeats with a five minute warm up and a five minute cool down walk.
  • The half mile repeats were completed at a 7:30 min/mile pace.  Half way through the last repeat, I started to get a side stitch and dry heaves.  Not fun.  Had to walk a smidge for the slow run recovery interval. Total distance covered was 3.64 miles.
  • Also did my 30/30/30 (push ups, lunges, v-sits), plus squats, deadlift, front and side lateral raises, walking plank, bicep curls and calf raises.
  • Feeling grateful that I didn’t puke on the treadmill today.  That would’ve been embarrassing.

Thursday: 02/11/16

  • 3 miles. Started easy and then got bored and wanted to run faster. Splits are 8:47, 8:26, 8:06.
  • Then i did nothing else. I was tired and cold and just wasn’t feeling it
  • Feeling grateful for my greater ability to not get crazy mad about stupid things at work. Huge break through.

Friday: 02/12/16

  • Curling for 90 minutes where i wiped out hard, twice.
  • Icing my boo boos
  • Feeling grateful I managed to only suffer a few bumps n bruises but nothing permanent.

Saturday: 02/13/16

  • 4 miles in 34 and change. Felt really good today
  • 30/30/30 (basics squats, sit ups, push ups), herbie rehab and yoga with Adrienne on you tube
  • Feeling grateful for a brunch date with a lovely friend!

Weekly run mileage:  21.16 miles

Total Swim mileage: 3.78 miles (6.1 kms)

Total run mileage for 2016: 94.23 miles


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