Brain Dump – Self Care, Change and Priorities

I don’t know why, but I’ve been on a rather big lifestyle change/kick in the last few years..I think part of it started because I was (and currently am) single and I used to feel like something was wrong with me and I needed to change…..

Thank goodness I have evolved from that space…

Now I do it because I just feel like I want to change for me…and that is SO much better and makes the process of undertaking the changes so much more enjoyable. And many thanks to all of my patient friends and Coach Tara for helping me get to this place.

It started with a focus on fitness and weight loss and though I could still stand to lose a few more pounds and do more strength training, I think I am generally a-ok.  Lately my focus has been all on self care, learning my job and planning my finances more carefully.

This new-ish job has forced me into starting some major self care because I wouldn’t be upright if I wasn’t taking care of myself.  The best result of this self care is that it’s forced me to look at the things I really want in my life, what’s important. More and more it’s about experiencing things and not letting myself be held back because I’m not X enough or I am scared. Traveling, spending time with family and friends (locally and not so locally), learning to make really good food, running races/staying fit, trying new things and to make each day better than the one that proceeded it are the things that are taking up big real estate in my head and my life.

And as I have been thinking of these things that mean the most, and realizing how much traveling to visit friends, try new activities, make and eat really good food and keep my gym membership really cost in terms of both time and money.   It’s a LOT. Esp. since I also tend to be a bit fancy when it comes to my skin and hair maintenance.  Oy!

I’m not perfect…but I am navigating it.  The benefits of writing down all the money I have spent in January and now February is showing me where I can make cuts (bye bye weekly coffee dates).  The Lent Challenge #10items40days is forcing me to take a bit of inventory  (btw, this website is an awesome place to start re: the benefits of a shopping ban, budgeting and how vital it is to take an inventory of the stuff you have so you don’t end up with extra junk) of all the stuff I have.  For example, I do not think I will need eye shadow, nail polish, shampoo, conditioner or body lotion again for at least two years…if not longer.

Another weird side effect of all of this is that I have become more aware of my food waste and I’m trying my very best to use all my veggies before buying new ones. I am slowly working my way through my freezer.  Trying to use up stuff before it is freezer burnt to hell and then start keeping a more structured inventory of things in the freezer so I don’t find a block of ice that was once a roasting  chicken. Oh and by using up all these things, I’m making more of an effort to cook and trying to cook wisely and my weight has dropped a bit (though I feel some of this might be from work stress).

Anyway, what this brain dump is meant to accomplish is just a weird inventory of the stuff I’m trying to do, what I’ve accomplished and what the big life priorities are.  It just felt really great to put this all somewhere…and yeah…I’m feeling kind of excited to continue changing things up and, in the smallest and biggest ways, making life a bit better every day.

Thanks for listening friends! Mwas to you all and happy Friday!!

~Princess Lisa










2 thoughts on “Brain Dump – Self Care, Change and Priorities

    • Totally! It feels so good too and by going through the things I am throwing out, it shows me where I have clearly overspent and over stocked stuff (ie eye shadows). I am bummed that I spent so much in the past, but am glad I won’t make the mistake in the future. 🙂

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