Long Weekend!

It’s been a ROUGH few weeks at work, as I may have mentioned six million times in the blog…but I see a teeny tiny light at the end of the tunnel – a three day weekend is ahead of me.


Phew, that felt good to get out. 🙂

Now I just need to survive the next day and a half at work….*sigh*

I’m excited for two days in a row of sleeping in (which will mean, of course, that I will be up at the butt crack of dawn and/or sleep like shit because Murphy’s Law).  I’m excited for brunch with a dear friend of mine.  I’m excited for cooking up a big bowl of buttery popcorn and the mid-season premier of Walking Dead. I’m kinda excited to go to curling. I’m excited to continue working on my Lent Declutter Challenge (15 things are gone already!)…especially since I’m going to try and get rid of more than my ten items a day so that my trip to Aus won’t extend the challenge too much longer than the 40 days.

I’m also still enjoying running, for whatever reason….which is great.  I hope this love of running continues until Wine n Dine is done in November. 🙂  I’m looking forward to attempting an 8 mile run on Sunday – which will be the longest distance I have run since running the Tinkerbell Half in May 2015.  I might even sneak in a swim after my brunch date – mostly because I have been feeling lack lustre on the swim front and feel like going on my own to fart around in the pool might be what I need to get me back in it.

What are your favourite things to do on long weekends?  Any must dos?

~Princess Lisa


5 thoughts on “Long Weekend!

  1. I’m off Monday too! I’m really looking forward to sleeping in and running whenever I want instead of having to cram it in between work and rehearsal. Hooray for daylight!

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