40 Days n Nights

So that whole Lent thing begins today. I have never done anything for Lent…and most of that is because I’m not at all religious.

This year, that is going to change.  I found this super great declutter challenge on a fellow Canadian blogger, Liz at One Twenty Five.  Her challenge is to throw away ten things every day in an effort to declutter her apartment.

Liz…I’m SO with ya.  I need some massive decluttering to happen in the worst way.  My only issue is that I’m heading on vacation during the challenge so I may have to double up on days I am home so that I can hit that big old challenge.

Oh and if getting rid of ten things a day sounds to intimidating, try only five a day or maybe one?  Whatever feels best, just do it. 🙂  Give it to friends that are interested. Donate it. Sell it.  Recycle it.  Upcycle it.  Trash it.  Just. Get. Rid. Of It.

I am going to try for ten.  Between all of the old Sephora samples and travel bottles of toiletries I stocked up during my old traveling road show job, I think I could just do that for the challenge…but I do plan on making my way out of the bathroom…other places that I think I could declutter include:

  • under my bed (eek)
  • wardrobe
  • PJs, socks and running top drawers
  • cookbook collection
  • old nail polishes
  • these old scented oil burning things I was obsessed when I was in my early twenties..not so much now
  • old jewelry I’m not sure what to do with
  • all the random crap at the bottom of the closet

Seriously…this makes me want to be home so I can start! I hope that less clutter will mean that cleaning/tidying is that much easier as guru Marie Kondo suggests.  Btw, here methods of folding t-shirts is the BEST.  I use it for my running clothes and I always end up with exactly what I need/want.

Do you do anything to recognize Lent?  What do you have planned? Let me know!

~Princess Lisa



12 thoughts on “40 Days n Nights

  1. I try to do Lent. I usually do the no meat on Fridays during it. This year I am giving up swearing. That is going to be difficult! I better not drive anywhere…

  2. Ugh I have so much decluttering I need to do. We still have an entire storage unit full of shit that we haven’t even looked at in months. I have been trying to do it little by little, but it’s hard to make time to really give things proper consideration. Half the time I throw things away and then like a month later I’m like, “Hey, where’s that thing? I need it!”

    • It is def. not easy. I struggle with it, but I’m hoping to start with smaller things…and build up to the bigger pieces. 🙂 Hence why I am starting with toiletries….it is much easier to turf 15 year old gel vs a dress I liked in the past and may like again. lol

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