Monday Mehs

I have been up since 4am today.  No reason…just like bam…eyelids were open and there was no going back to sleep.  This is the second day in a row that I’ve been up far earlier than I wanted to be and I’m not happy about it in the least.

My sleep has been all out of whack these last few weeks…some of it is because of stress…well, let’s be honest, I’m sure most of it is stress…and some of it is the fact that I’m coming home from work later…which means I eat later and then workout later and go to bed later…but I’m still getting up at the exact same time as I did before.

I’m also upping my running in both intensity and distance…and I know that, at times, running hard right before going to bed can also disrupt my sleep….though sometimes it can be the best thing ever….lol

The worst part about this sleep disruption is that I know I have a bad habit for eating insane amounts of chips/salty crunchy things, when I’m worn out.  Last Saturday I ate a bag of chips throughout the course of one day (instead of actually making a meal)…and this Saturday was similar, except I ate the soooooo many chips and ate meals.  I was just feeling so uncomfortable…so tired…so blah…and the chips tasted good and offered a very temporary relief.  After they were gone though…oy…the guilt started to set in.  I opted to just let it go…feel a bit of guilt and then move forward and figure out a way to deal with this the next time this icky feeling rears it’s ugly head.

My plan is not waste the day on the couch in a half asleep, post potato chip binge haze, no matter how tired I am.  I may take a nap, but it will be short so it doesn’t further disrupt my sleep schedule.  This may mean I sneak in a second swim for the week or a yoga class…or maybe I just grab a book and head over to a coffee shoppe and read for a bit or get a cookbook and plan a delicious meal to eat later that day. Or maybe I do some housework…lol…because that will happen. 😉

I also want to try and change up my daily habits.  I play stupid games on my phone before bed (which I know I shouldn’t as it disrupts sleep) and I always sneak in a cat nap after work (though I’m getting better…I only rest for about 15 minutes instead of an hour like I used to).  I would like both to stop.  I think I may try to change up my habits to do some yoga/meditation instead of cell phone games and maybe work on some blogging or tidying up vs going for post work cat nap.

What do you do when your sleep is all out of whack?  Let me know your tips! 🙂

~Princess Lisa




6 thoughts on “Monday Mehs

  1. I’ve been trying to replace my cravings for crunchy& salty things with better options… like NatureBox snacks offer plantain chips which is a much better alternative to Lays or whatever! It helps cuz you still get that crunch and salt you’re craving. I also think reading is the best thing to get you to sleep at night when you’re not really tired. It’s been helping me a lot more than iphone games!

    • I haven’t had the chance to find any books for me to read (my brain is sorta mush when my work day is done)…but maybe I can get back into reading with my upcoming vacation in March.

      As for plantain chips, I have never had them. Might have to try that! Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  2. I actually really like to be productive around the house right before bed–do dishes, clean up clutter, maybe prep my breakfast or lunch for the next day… It helps me sleep easier knowing that a bunch of stuff is already taken care of. I set an alarm for 30 minutes before my desired bed time, and try to shut off electronics and just do useful things during that time rather than watch TV or play games.

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