4 Sleeps ‘Til HM #4!

How did it get to be February already?!  I’m only 4 sleeps away from #Hypohalf in #YEG!

It’s not exactly a race-cation…but we will be driving up to Edmonton for an overnight stay, and will get to do a bit of shopping at West Ed. Yay!!

My goals for this race are staged, as Princess Lisa often does. I don’t want to be overly optimistic and then be sad about missing the mark, but I do want to have reasons to push myself if it’s safe to do so.

Goal A) Finish upright, no injuries, no specific time goal.  This is the most important, in my book.  The temperature is supposed to be around 20F on race day, which is totally manageable, but it appears there may be a skiff of new snow, and the race director has already sent out a note about the course being icy 😦  Plus, I’ve never run in Edmonton before, so I don’t know the route or what to expect.  I will run as the terrain and climate allows so that I don’t hurt myself.

Goal B) Finish under 2:30.  For the most part, I have been running with a 2:30 pace group.  The 2:15 group was doing a walk adjusted 10s and 1s pace, which works out to be too fast for me, and I don’t run intervals when I race anyway.  I am 100% certain that I can hold an 11:27 mile pace for the duration of the race, as long as the ground conditions are good.

Goal C) Finish under 2:20.  If the paths are pretty clear, I think I can make this happen as well.  I’m 80% sure that I can do 10:45 miles, as long as the ground is good, and then I would have to do a 10:15 for the final 2 miles to make up that little bit of difference to squeak under 2:20.

Goal D) New HM PR, under 2:17:30.  This isn’t really a goal so much as a lofty “well…what if I’m feeling really really good on Sunday?” kind of dream sequence.  If I was able to run 10:45s for most of the race…pick it up to 10:20s starting at mile 9 until mile 12, and then do a 9:50 for the remaining 1.1 miles, I could hit a PR of 2:17:29.  But given any snow, ice, crowds, crappy trail, hills, etc. etc….I’m certainly not aiming for this.  It’s just an “if I woke up Sunday morning and my feet were absolutely on fire” kind of scenario.

And, race-related goals…

Goal 1) Don’t get sick.  I know “nothing new on race day” and all, but when you’re on a race-cation, it’s not like you can make yourself a home cooked meal the night before, or the morning of.  I will be relying on some kind of Italian restaurant for my carbo-load race eve dinner, and the hotel’s continental breakfast for my race morning feed.

Goal 2) Don’t forget stuff. Again, when running away from home, you have to pack SO much. I definitely have a preferred outfit in mind, but will be bringing all kinds of backup layers and accessories in case the forecast changes.  I also have a thorough packing list that includes stuff like shot blocks, body glide, post run compression socks, etc.

Goal 3) Don’t miss your wake up call. I have never slept through a race, and I believe Princess Lisa only has once (and to be fair, she was in a different time zone!), but it always freaks me out to think about sleeping through my alarm, or my phone battery dying and not waking me up in time to make it to the start line.

Goal 4) Don’t get lost – on the way to the course, or on the course!  I have never been to this start line before, so you can be sure at package pickup I will be asking TONS of questions about parking and traffic.  And I have never run this route before, and the race is quite small (I think about 1,000 participants), so I’m not confident that things will be super well marked, and marshals may be spaced kind of far apart.  Luckily, I will never be at the front of the pack 🙂 so I should always have someone to follow! 😉

Goal 5) Have fun!!  Because, why do it if you aren’t?!


…I’ll be back to check in with you Superbowl Sunday with a race recap and results report!

~ Princess Lindsey




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