8 Month Anniversary

So it has been a whopping eight months today that I have been at my job. Eight. Whole. Months.  At times I feel like it has only been a few days…but at others it feels like it has been years.

I genuinely do enjoy it.  Its challenging and I feel valued.  It’s nice to feel that way.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t times I want to crawl into a corner of my office and hide and cry.  I was feeling this way over the last week, in fact, as it was a never ending onslaught of crazy all heading my way.

It’s interesting though, how this job, when I talk about it, feels so different than the previous one.  I feel like I’m actively doing things, contributing and it feels pretty great.

When it doesn’t feel so great is when the fit is hitting the shan.  It is never fun to be under the gun…and when you are under the gun here, you tend to be under the gun for days if not weeks at a time.

I’m hoping that my ability to deal with the crazy times gets better over time….as my skills and knowledge expand.  I’m hoping that as I get better and more comfortable it will also mean less days missed at the gym due to pure mental exhaustion and heightened stress levels.

In four months it will be year since I started…and it’s funny…on May 25th, 2004, I went on my Contiki Tour, which totally changed my life….and then May 25, 2015, I started this job…here’s hoping it goes the way of my Contiki Tour – life changing and fabulous. 🙂

~Princess Lisa






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