TWIRL 16: Week 3

Sunday: 1/17/16

  • 3.11 miles.  Had to stop a few times to blow my nose, but it felt pretty good to move my body for the first time in a few days.
  • herbie the hip flexor rehab
  • Feeling grateful for Sinutab sinus medicine.  I took some this morning and it made me feel so much better.  I’m not a big fan of taking pills, but these ones were a godsend.

Monday: 1/18/16

  • Weights in my tiny work gym at lunch (squats, lunges, one leg dead lifts, donkey kicks, rows, shoulder raises, bicep curls, push ups, herbie rehab (minus the stretching), ab work).
  • run relatively hard 3.12 miles (I say relative because I still feel a bit bagged from the weights and from my cold)
  • followed up the run with 1 mile of different drills around our indoor track (which is 10 laps to a mile.  I jogged the curves and then “drilled” the straightaways
    • high knees x3
    • butt kicks x3
    • strides x3
    • easy jog for a lap to cool down.
    • P.S. This was f@cking exhausting
  • Feeling grateful that I pushed myself.  I’m so ready for bed and I feel so good about myself.

Tuesday: 1/19/16

  • swim club – 65 ish minutes of swimming at swim club – not as much of a nightmare today.  Swam 2000 metres, which is 1.24 miles…it was hard today. Have a major case of DOMS from yesterday and we had to do swim sprints- which is EFFING hard.
  • Feeling grateful that my friend was feeling better and came to swim class tonight.

Wednesday: 1/20/16

  • zero.  Frazzling, wickedly long (emotionally, mentally) work day. The thought of going to a gym and running, especially with some rather intense DOMS from Monday, well, I just…I couldn’t.
  • Feeling grateful for my friends. They all gave me some good laughs today when I felt like just giving up.

Thursday: 1/21/16

  • zero.  another frazzling, wickedly long (emotionally, mentally) work day.
  • Feeling grateful that it is almost the weekend.

Friday: 1/22/16

  • zero.  Had curling lessons start up again and then I went out with a friend to a trivia fundraiser event – my team came in 4th of 25! 🙂
  • Feeling grateful for the fact I have no commitments to anyone or anything this weekend.

Saturday: 1/23/16

  • 3.25 miles and another 1.5 miles of walking to warm up and cool down,  Legs feel rather heavy after so many days off.
  • Feeling grateful that my Saturday was filled with friends, coffee, wine, a pedicure and baking.

Weekly run mileage: 10.48 miles

Total Swim mileage: 3.78 miles (6.1 kms)

Total run mileage for 2016: 36.09 miles


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