Ca$h: My Economic Plan 2016

So December was baaaaaad.  Christmas, car insurance, stressed out Starbucks trips…oy!

But…some victories…I was only about $500 short of my car account to pay for insurance so I took it out of my emergency fund–that’s what it is there for, right?  Not too bad given my car account was at zero only two months prior.  Yay diligence.

My travel account and runDisney account took a smidgen of a hit too as my dear blogger friend Kellie snagged a room for us (aka Team Can-Am) for Wine n Dine 2016.  It was a very welcome expense to pay as I got it paid off before the Canadian dollar really tanked.  Fingers crossed it comes back up and if it doesn’t, I’m making sure I save some extra cash to allow myself a bit of fun….and by fun I mean shopping and grapefruit beer.

I’m trying my best not to buy any clothing (unless it is to replace something, which I can’t imagine needing at this point) until I get to Australia where I plan on getting myself some Peter Alexander PJs (can only get them in Aus so I’m taking advantage).  I am going to try my very best not to spend any cash on clothes when I’m in Minneapolis the weekend before I leave for Aus.  It may be difficult given I will be near a J.Crew, but the horrible exchange rate might make it easier to resist.

My goal for January was to track all of my spending…simply just writing it all down.  And after only a few weeks, it is clear that I spend way too much on coffee.  Approximately $14 in two weeks.  I also had two lunches out (one with my boss) and one due to a training session I had to attend and had no access to a fridge for storing my own lunch. That’s already a total of about $40 spent on food n drink in the first two weeks of the month!

I bought one thing for myself – which I would argue was a necessity – a phone case for my phone.  That was about $23 (I had already dropped my phone and did some damage to it after only two weeks- didn’t want it to get any worse).  I also had to buy two bras for my Aussie friend from Victoria’s Secret (VS) to take with me as they don’t have VS ($100). One bonus re: the bras, is that I had coupons that saved me $25 on the bras and netted me two free undies.

I also had a minor goal of trying to spend my money on doing things rather than on stuff.  I think I was somewhat successful.  I spent $79 (for four months) of swim club, $25 on a fundraising trivia night that is happening this Friday and a lunch and pedicure date with my friend Lynn (this was postponed from our regular Christmas date and will cost $80 approx. for both lunch and pedicure).

February should be relatively cheap – with my only potentially big expense being my face stuff as I’m low on a few items and I will need them for my trip to Aus.  Fingers crossed my no buying stuff discipline continues. 🙂

Do you have any budget goals for February?  Or 2016?

~Princess Lisa




8 thoughts on “Ca$h: My Economic Plan 2016

  1. I’m working on just tracking every dime spent this month, as I know I’m spending too much, but need to see where. Then I will plan for the rest of the year. It’s just hard because I’m a big impulse and emotional shopper. But I’m trying to remind myself that less spending = paying off loans faster = house and babies faster 😉

  2. Love everything about this post! I’m an Aussie who desperately gets her hands on Victoria secret the second I land in North America. And I too am going to start tracking my spending this year (as soon as I get back to Aus). So glad I stumbled across your blog, good luck with your goals and I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂 Em (

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