TWIRL ’16: Week 2

Sunday: 1/10/16

  • 5 miles.  Played with speed and incline the whole way in the hopes that it will keep Herbie the Hip Flexor from coming back.  Was sorta fun and sorta exhausting.
  • herbie the hip flexor rehab
  • Feeling grateful for my dad…despite the fact that he drives me crazy.

Monday: 1/11/16

  • 45 mins walking – 3.25 miles….because I forgot my sports bra.  Gah!  I was soo in the mood to run. 😐
  • Feeling grateful that I moved my body and didn’t just go back home given my lack of sports bra.

Tuesday: 1/12/16

  • swim club – 70 minutes of swimming at swim club – not as much of a nightmare today.  Swam 2300 metres, which is 1.42 miles…it is the furthest I have ever swam in my life!  I’m counting that as $1.42 for my runDisney fund. 🙂
  • Feeling grateful that swimming was better this evening as the last class left me feeling very discouraged.

Wednesday: 1/13/16

  • zero.  Wicked sore throat, body aches, am def. starting to get sick.
  • Feeling grateful that I don’t get sick all the time.  First full on cold (I’ve had mini- bouts (like 24-ish hours of feeling like a cold coming on and it disappears), in about two years.

Thursday: 1/14/16

  • zero.  Still sick, feeling exhausted from a crazy day at work.
  • feeling grateful I don’t have a race coming up immediately.  I think it is going to be awhile before I am back to the gym.

Friday: 1/15/16

  • zero.  Again, illness.  And another crazy day at work. I am definitely not doing anything on Saturday – this girl needs a rest and recovery day.
  • Feeling grateful for the fact I have no commitments to anyone or anything this weekend.

Saturday: 1/16/16

  • zero.  Cold has really taken hold.
  • Feeling grateful that my cold and my resulting hibernation has coincided with the coldest weekend that we’ve had this winter.

Weekly run mileage: 8.25 miles

Total Swim mileage: 2.54 miles (4.1 kms)

Total run mileage for 2016: 25.61


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