Bah! Germs.

Though I am truly, absolutely thankful that the onset of a cold now means it is not very likely I will get sick for my upcoming trip to Australia (7 weeks until I leave!!!!), I’m not thrilled to be getting sick right now either. I have two different training courses on Thursday and Friday at work and being sick at them will be no fun and likely not very welcome.

I’m also sorta bummed because I feel like I’m finally getting into a bit of routine again…but as a silver lining, perhaps this will force me into a good and proper rest and will mean that when I am finally done with these germs, that I will be 110% ready to kick ass and take names. 🙂


Fighting those germs!

In the meantime, I will sip on tea with honey, take my Cold FX, suck on Strepsils sore throat lozenges, eat chicken noodle and try to hibernate in my office to avoid getting other people sick.  It worked last time I started to get sick and it never became more than a sore throat.

Oh and side note: normally I would stay home but I have a meeting and a few deadlines that necessitate me being here and I’m not quite at that “I’m dying” stage of illness yet – just the uh oh, it’s coming stage. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

~Princess Lisa


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