TWIRL ’16: Week 1

Sunday: 1/3/16

  • 3.12 miles at a rather decent clip.  Then did some leg weights but tweaked something in my lower back (OUCH!)
  • Feeling grateful for ice backs and sitting on the couch to watch the Minnesota Vikings

Monday: 1/4/16

  • 45 mins on the stationary bike (13.5 miles). Back was still a bit achey.
  • Feeling grateful that my back, despite being achey, doesn’t seem to be really bad.

Tuesday: 1/5/16

  • swim club – 60 minutes of swimming at swim club – was a night mare, but I still managed to get in almost 1.8 Kms of swimming – which is about 1.1 miles. 🙂  I’m counting that as $1.1 for my runDisney fund.
  • Feeling grateful work not being crazy annoying today. I thought today would be horrible and it really wasn’t.

Wednesday: 1/6/16

  • 3.01 miles. Felt heavy legged and crappy. Meh. I blame residual negative headspace from swimming.  And yes, I need to be a bit more Teflon about the thing.
  • Feeling grateful that my weird back injury has nearly completely faded.

Thursday: 1/7/16

  • 4.86 miles in honour of my lovely friend Nic who is running Dopey for the third year in a row!
  • hip flexor rehab (yes, after he yoga tweak I need to start doing this again)
  • Feeling grateful for my run.  It was exactly what I needed.

Friday: 1/8/16

  • Rest day.
  • Feeling grateful for a night off and having a calm day at work.

Saturday: 1/9/16

  • 3.25 miles easy.  Ran with friends on duelling treadmills today.  Was nice. 🙂  Did about 20 minutes of walking, too.
  • Feeling grateful for a night with no plans.  🙂

Weekly run mileage: 14.24 miles

Swim mileage (or should I put kilometrage?): 1.8KM

Total run mileage for 2016: 17.36


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