Swim Time

It’s that time again – time to get back to the swim club.  Oy!  It’s been a few weeks since I was in a pool regularly and I think this is gonna hurt.  What’s going to make it worse is that I have “graduated” from their beginner, stroke correction/refinement program and moved to the regular club…which means a 90-minute swim class.


I’m pretty confident that I will actually feel worse than dear old Flounder and Sebastian…but hey, gotta (re)start somewhere right?  I haven’t done 90 minutes of swim class since I was a teenager!  Scary, right?  I think so.

Though oddly I am looking forward to it.  It’s a chance to see and workout with a dear friend and it’s a change from running and it gives my body a break from the impact of running.  I’m hoping that, if I add a second swim to my week of workouts, I will see a difference in my running performance and maybe even my physique (though I’m not thinking the latter will show much change with twice a week swims).

Plus, I am hoping that, by doing this once weekly class, that this will eventually make swimming part of my regular repertoire and that, one day, when I can’t run anymore, I can opt for the pool for a way to stay fit.

Do you swim?  Part of a swim club?  Noticed changes in your running after taking up swimming?  Let me know!

~Princess Lisa




7 thoughts on “Swim Time

  1. I swim! Definitely has a positive impact on running! Body, always feels good after a swim since it lengthens muscles and stretched you out. And breathing. This is huge. I hated goggles when I started swimming regularly again so I swam for like 2 years with my head out the water lol in that time I started running. When I finally got goggles had to kind of reteach myself how to swim for couple weeks. Once I had that going crazy impact on running for breathing. Not part of any swim club. Just go to city pools during lap times so can never swim more than an hour, jealous of that!! I go 1-2 times per week. Use to go more before running but then that took over

    • You were swimming head up!? You are my hero! I don’t think I would be able to do that for two years – it makes it so much harder. lol 🙂

      The lap times at my local city pools are atrocious, which I why I have the swim club. Though last night’s class was pretty brutal…was tempted not go back. I’m hoping next week will be better.

      • Lmfao yup. It’s pretty easy I don’t even know why I did it. Just like first day back in the pool in like 10 years. Never wore goggles as a kid but still put head in. No goggles this time. Okay head up. Lmao. I can’t even tell you. I was pretty fast still. People use to comment if I out my head in I’d fly and I was just like that’s nice. Even tried but just hated goggles. Then got Lazer eye surgery and had no choice. Lol

        Ugh yeah that’s the worst part of swimming is you can’t just go when you want. Luckily there’s always an evening option here if you have access to more than 1 pool. Oh no! No it will be it’s always a struggle at first but improvements are quick!

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