TWIRL: Bye 2015, Welcome TWIRL ’16!

Sunday: 12/27/15

  • 3.33 miles and then another mile of walking….felt pretty good, but admittedly just wasn’t in the mood to run after such a long time away.
  • Feeling grateful for having a fun night at the movies with my big brother (Star Wars!)

Monday: 12/28/15

  • 1500M swim mid-day, 3.55 miles of running (this was essentially a 5K and then some tabatta sprints at the end)
  • Feeling grateful for having a day off today and moving my body again but not forcing myself into anything crazy.

Tuesday: 12/29/15

  • first time doing speed work in a loooong time. Two-half mile repeats with a 10 min run warm up and cool down.  Total distance was 4.08miles
  • Feeling grateful for being able to run fast again.  😉

Wednesday: 12/30/15

  • No fitness today.  To be honest, I was just tired ended up working late and didn’t have time to rush to the gym before I met up with a friend for year end dinner n drinkies.
  • Feeling grateful for New Year phone dates with friends far away and drinkies nights with friends that are local.

Thursday: 12/31/15

  • No fitness today either. I anticipated a short day at work due to the holiday, but alas it didn’t happen.
  • Feeling grateful for the end of a crazy year and excited for the year to come.

Friday: 1/1/16

  • 75 minutes of hot yoga and then a 5K run OUTSIDE!
  • Feeling grateful for Mother Nature and the fact she gave us a mild first day of 2016 that was perfect for running

Saturday: 1/2/16

  • nothing. too sore from my yoga…apparently not practicing for approximately 20 months means severe DOMS.
  • Feeling grateful for a night with no plans.  🙂

Total mileage for the week ending in 2015: 10.96

Total mileage for Nov/Dec 2015: 114.45

Total mileage for 2016: 3.12



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