TWIRL: Week 6

Sunday: 12/06/15

  • Booo.  15-minute rule.  Felt very achy today.  Ran 1.75 miles and then walked 2.5 more because walking is better than nothing.
  • Feeling like it is a struggle to feel gratitude because I had a crappy run….but eventually came to the realization that even a run is something to be grateful for, regardless of my frustration with it.

Monday: 12/07/15

  • 3.11 miles (5K) and upper weights.  Still felt sorta crappy.
  • Feeling grateful for comfort food.  Having eggs and toast for dinner after a long day was perfection.

Tuesday: 12/08/15

  • Looong Day – rest day was required.
  • Feeling grateful for friends far away.  Chatting with them put a big smile on my face on a rather long and frustrating day.

Wednesday: 12/09/15

  • 4 miles running and then another 1.5 miles walking
  • Feeling grateful for things at work finally falling into place.

Thursday: 12/10/15

  • 5K at an 8:30ish pace.  I am too lazy to go grab my Garmin.  Was mentally fatigued and stressed with work.  So any decent mileage felt like a big accomplishment
  • Feeling grateful for having a day off tomorrow.

Friday: 12/11/15

  • Snuck in a quick 5K after a long day of food prep and errands.  It was actually the opposite of quick (felt sluggish and heavy legged), but it was better than nothing.
  • Feeling grateful that I did what I had to do for work and then fought my desire to be lazy and get a bunch of stuff done today with my day off.

Saturday: 12/12/15:

  • zero.  nadda. zippo on the fitness train today.
  • Feeling grateful that I had scheduled a massage this morning and a fun day of cookie decorating with friends.

Total mileage for the week: 17.58

Total mileage for Nov/Dec 2015: 85.16


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