What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year I was working in a job that didn’t challenge anything but my patience.  I spent a lot of time in airports and driving. When work was over for the day, it was highly unlikely that I would be called after hours to do work.  Nor was it really required.  Generally speaking when I left at 3:30 (I started earlier so I could leave earlier and beat traffic), I was done.

That is not the case anymore.  I’m on call.  I check my work email routinely on weekends.  I am having nightmares about work. lol.

I have worked four hours after my regular work day to finish up some work so that I could take today off to take care of some holiday stuff.

Though I am not a fan of putting in OT, I am a fan of being challenged and stimulated in my work.  What’s even better is that my work is actually valued by my bosses and colleagues.

I’m confident that a lot of my general stress will be gone in a year from now….because admittedly, a good portion of it is simply related to being new and learning the proverbial ropes.

I’m so grateful for this new opportunity and this chance to improve my skills.  I also can’t wait to officially start my long weekend, once I publish this post.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

~Princess Lisa




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