TWIRL: Week 5

Sunday: 11/29/15

  • 10K run!!!! OMG!  in 55:10.  About 6 mins slower than my PR (49:00 flat), but it will come back.
  • 60/60/60, hip flexor rehab
  • Feeling grateful for the amazingly warm weather we are having.

Monday: 11/30/15

  • 30/30/30
  • Feeling grateful for a night off–my 10K run made for a very sore me today.

Tuesday: 12/01/15

  • Upper body weights
  • 4 miles (8:34 min/mile pace)
  • hip flexor rehab
  • Feeling grateful that I had the discipline to do weights today after awhile off.

Wednesday: 12/02/15

  • Lower weights
  • 2 mile easy run
  • Feeling grateful for the challenges that work is giving me.  Despite the fact that it has been horribly frustrating, I know it is just making me better.

Thursday: 12/03/15

  • upper weights
  • 5K at an 8:21 min/mile average pace! Felt like the old days again!
  • Feeling grateful for my rehabbing and that my running is finally improving.

Friday: 12/04/15

  • Curling Class – 90 minutes – so much fun!
  • Feeling grateful that I made it through a really, really long day and week at work.

Saturday: 12/05/15:

  •  hip flexor rehab, lower weights
  •  1.5 mile walk, 2 miles easy run
  • Feeling grateful that I had a luxurious facial this afternoon- so relaxing!

Total mileage for the week: 18.83

Total mileage for Nov/Dec 2015: 67.58


4 thoughts on “TWIRL: Week 5

  1. Love the gratitude each day! I try to say at least three positive things/things I’m grateful for each day as I do my pre-bedtime mini yoga routine, and it’s making a huge difference in my outlook. Love all of your positivity!

    • I’m so glad to hear that, Kristen! I def. feel like this little bit of gratitude each day sorta puts things into perspective….especially when things creep up that annoy me.

      I’m definitely working on the positivity piece as well, but the larger pieces are harder habits to break (like being snarky and critical of others), but in time, I hope that I can become at least a little bit better.

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