Fall Bucket List Update

Happy December folks!

I can’t believe it is December.  Where did this year go?

I just took a peek at my Fall Bucket List 2015 and the results were ok…especially in light of the fact that most of the Fall had me feeling unusually wiped.  And yes, I do realize that technically there are like 20-something days left of Fall, but I will be honest, I’ll be focusing on wintery/holiday activities for the next few weeks.

I made a bajillion pies. lol.  I took a pie seminar that had me making four pies (chocolate espresso tart, cherry lattice, blueberry almond tart, and raspberry pear).  And I made myself a delicious apple pie and chicken pot pie.  Oh and I made my grams a lovely pecan pie.  A good number of these pies are pictured below.

I also carved a pumpkin and made a few pumpkin dishes (pumpkin spice pancakes not pictured and some pumpkin spice dolce de leche macarons. I also cooked up some pumpkin  seeds for the first time in my life (mixed results).

I also tried new activities, including cooking classes, curling and  swimming. I volunteered at a race. I did a number of work training seminars. Oh and I sold my old Mazda and bought a new Rav 4.

I didn’t make any soups or doughnuts.  I also didn’t do any yardwork. But maybe in January, post holidays, I can work on these things…well and change the yard work to shovelling snow.

I’m already thinking of my Holiday and Winter Bucket List so stay tuned! 🙂

How did you do on your Fall Bucket List?  Are you close to finishing it?  Totally miss out? Let me know!

~Princess Lisa


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