TWIRL: Week 4

Sunday: 11/22/15

  • 3 miles of some speed intervals.  I can run in the 8:20s for about .25 of a mile without pain. 🙂
  • 60/60/60, hip flexor rehab
  • Feeling grateful for my dad.  He was just really awesome today.

Monday: 11/23/15

  • 30/30/30
  • Feeling grateful for my friends–had a really nice chat with them and it just felt very life fulfilling.

Tuesday: 11/24/15

  • 30/30/30
  • 2.11 miles (essentially did the 15 minute rule)
  • Feeling grateful that I didn’t quit or beat myself up after my crappy run.  Normally I would do both.  Instead I hopped on the bike and realized I could try again tomorrow. 🙂

Wednesday: 11/25/15

  • 30/30/30
  • Feeling grateful for taking the night off from the gym.  Really wasn’t in the mood and so I just opted to take a rest night–it was divine. 🙂

Thursday: 11/26/15

  • Swimming Class (approx. 1KM)
  • We did our first official 100M IM Relay. Butterfly (or in my case dying manatee, back crawl, breast stroke and freestyle).
  • Feeling grateful for getting back into swimming, despite my nerves.

Friday: 11/27/15

  • 3.12 miles (essentialy a 5K)
  • 45/45/45 (forgot yesterday and am tired today so I am splitting it).
  • Curling Class (90 minutes)-
  • Feeling grateful that it is the weekend–this week has felt incredibly long.

Saturday: 11/28/15:

  •  30/30/30, hip flexor rehab
  • 4.25 mile walk (super sore hip flexor after curling)
  • Feeling grateful that I had a luxurious facial this afternoon- so relaxing!

Total mileage for the week: 12.48

Total mileage for Nov/Dec 2015: 48.75


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