Winter Came

It’s hard to believe that my last post was about me running in a tank top in mid-November.

Now it is officially winter and, well, based on the forecast, it looks like it is here to stay.  Boo-urns.  I was really, truly hoping for a miracle…that we could last one more week without the white stuff…or even until December 1, if Mother Nature was feeling particularly generous.

The one good thing about the snow hitting now is that it makes me feel ready to start the holiday season.  I am already dreaming of the weekend where I plan on finally making the pie crusts and cookie doughs I had planned and failed to make the past few weekends (due to a combo of laziness and exhaustion).  I may even put up one of my Christmas trees.

And yes, I am totally dreaming of the weekend already–it’s been a busy week, with several 12 hour work days and I’m feeling the urge to just do some fun “Lisa” things.

Oh and since it’s Thursday and blustery, I’m tossing up a good #throwbackThursday (#tbt) collage pic for the hell of it.  Seven years ago today I was en route to meet my Aussie friend in Hawaii–my first ever trip!   So wish I was back there right now!


Much love,

~Princess Lisa


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