#hypohalf – A successful tempo run!


Woo woo!  Sorry for the excitement, but despite it being a wonky busy day, and my fueling habits being less than stellar (to give you an idea, lunch was an energy drink, a KIND bar, and some white cheddar popcorn), I had a great night at hypo half training!

On the slate tonight was a talk by a New Balance rep (which was maybe good for newbies, but I didn’t learn much, other than a couple ways to test the remaining life of my running shoes), and a 3k tempo run.  At this point in our program (week 2), our 2:00 pace group was to run 5:55 per km.  I ended up meeting a lovely new pacer friend who helped to bring me back from 3.4km (2.14 miles) comfortably (talking all the while) in around 21 minutes. Yippee!  I can’t even tell you the last time I ran a mile under 10 minutes…it must have been around Thanksgiving 2013. How horrible is that?! Anyway, doesn’t matter – all that is important today is that I ran it happily, pain free, with a new friend, having a nice chat.  What could be better on a crisp, wintery night?

Another 7k scheduled for Sunday, but in between that I have a hefty amount of office work to do, plus a floor hockey game and a soccer game. But looking forward to sleeping in a bit on the stat holiday tomorrow!

~ Princess Lindsey


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