#hypohalf – First Long Slow Day

Hiya, folks!

First off, congrats to any of our friends who conquered the Wine & Dine (half) Half Marathon this weekend!  I’m so sorry to hear that the course got cut short, but I am quite certain that didn’t cut into your fun! 🙂

My weekend included my first long run day with my Running Room training group – and in this case, “long” is a bit subjective.  We headed out for 7k, and my 2:00 training group was going at a very manageable 11:00 min mile/7:00 km.  The air was warm (ish), the skies were sunny, and it was a great day for a run!

Sunday’s training session also gave me a chance to try out my new jacket! – I chatted with the folks at Under Armor before choosing the Cold Gear Infrared Survivor Hybrid Hoodie to add to my collection.  I was mostly looking for something insulating, as we don’t worry too much here about wet precipitation (like rain).


The good:

  • I was toasty warm!…even a bit TOO toasty! Cold Gear is rated for wear below -12C (about 38F, I think?). I was running in +1 or 2C and was more than warm enough.
  • The length.  The hoodie is fairly long in the tail, long enough to cover my bum (but maybe not if you have a big booty).
  • Big pockets! I was able to stash my mitts when I didn’t want to wear them anymore, my keys, credit card, headphones, etc. and I didn’t feel super bulky because the pockets are nice and deep.

The less than great:

  • I won’t complain too much because overall, I enjoyed this jacket, but…
  • The neckline.  I felt that when I had the zipper fully done up, the jacket curved in towards my throat, and having something rubbing in that area was just going to be annoying.  Luckily, I was so warm that I kept it half zipped most of the time.
  • The sleeves – I like cuffins/thumb holes on my jackets/hoodies, and this doesn’t have those, so a -1 for that!

So, anyway, that’s it for me today! I’ll be back after tomorrow’s clinic night, a 3k tempo run.

Happy Monday!

~ Princess Lindsey


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