TWIRL: The Week in Review for Lisa

Happy Sunday folks!

Hope you are well.  I got to sleep in today so I am clearly feeling pretty awesome. 🙂

Btw–did you get it?  My “TWIRL” post–This Week In Review for Lisa?

It’s been a whoooole lotta time since I last did weekly workout reports…and I sorta miss them.  I loved tracking my mileage and seeing that number grow over the weeks and months.

So I’m getting back into it.  I figure it’s the perfect time.  I’m on the comeback wagon.  Hoping to run a spring half, possibly a fall full (yes…I said full…gulp!) and all of it ending with an awesome weekend in Disney with Team Can-Am.  It also just happens to be perfect because it is a new month….and a new month with a Sunday starter….so really…it works perfectly.

I’m even attaching a few extras to this week in review thing.  I want to try and hit a minimum 10-15 miles a week over the next few months, until 2016 hits (so hitting about 90 miles at minimum).  I think it is achievable and still allows me to take my time on the comeback wagon.  The other extra to the challenge is a hint of gratitude.  Lately I’ve been a whole lotta sour skittle and despite things annoying me, I have a great life and I’m hoping that re-engaging a daily gratitude practice will help me out a smidge.

Sunday: 11/01/15

  • weights (legs) + 3.12 mile run
  • 30/30/30 + hip flexor rehab
  • legs felt heavy, might’ve over did the weights.  Had to take walk breaks.
  • Feeling grateful for my friend T who recently moved back to Winnipeg.  We had a coffee date this afternoon and it was lovely.

Monday: 11/02/15

  • Nadda – massive migraine
  • Feeling grateful for my migraine meds

Tuesday: 11/03/15

  • weights (legs) + 4 mile run
  • 40/40/40 (making up for yesterday over the next three days)+ hip flexor rehab
  • run was hard, had a stubborn side stitch
  • Feeling grateful that my hip flexor is not giving me grief

Wednesday: 11/04/15

  • weights (upper body) + 33 minutes on the stationary bike
  • 40/40/40 + hip flexor rehab
  • felt good.  worked hard but still oddly energized
  •  Feeling grateful for heated seats in my new SUV.  It’s getting mighty frosty out there.

Thursday: 11/05/15

  • swimming lessons for 60 minutes- we normally swim about 1 kilometre or 1000 yards.
  • 40/40/40
  • not in the mood to swim, but did it and felt sooo much better after
  • Feeling grateful for boss.  She stood up for me today.  Was. Awesome.

Friday: 11/06/15

  • run 3 miles
  • 30/30/30 + hip flexor rehab
  • Feeling grateful that I respected my body and listened to my body and took tonight off from curling and spent my evening relaxing and doing a quick run.

Saturday: 11/07/15

  • Run 3 miles, walk 30 mins
  • 30/30/30 and hip flexir rehab
  • Felt tired today but managed to get it done.
  • Feeling grateful that, despite feeling wiped this week (no idea what is going on), I was able to hit my wine n dine challenge of 13.1 miles.  Also feeling grateful that my lovely friends are safe after the crazy weather that hit wine n dine this year.

Total mileage for the week: 13.12

Total mileage for Nov/Dec 2015: 13.12


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