Team Can Am and Wine and Dine

To say I am feeling bummed and envious today is an understatement.

I should be leaving to go meet up with Nicole, Rae, Kellie and Kim to run Wine and Dine.  Albeit the initial plan was to have my two younger cousins and Super Grams in tow, but that was the initial plan.  But then…damn it…life got in the way.

Grams fell in January…made me worry if she was even able to do a 5K, travel or anything.  Then on the eve of early registration (as I was still an AP at the time), my one cousin cancelled out because of school.  It was going to be too hard to take super grams (given she would be 81 at the time) without that extra person to help keep track of her.  So that part of it died.  Going b myself would’ve been an option…except…to add insult to injury, (oh and yeah…there was my never healing, still not diagnosed injury too…bah….) I was interviewing for the job I now currently have…given that I didn’t know what my holiday situation would be like at the new job, I opted to not register.

It’s going to be hard this weekend, knowing I won’t be there with the rest of the team….but I know that in spirit I will be there….and hopefully, if the runDisney gods are with me, I will be with them in 2016…a short 365 days away.

To everyone that is running Wine and Dine this weekend, run safe, run fast and hope your get your PR…be it in time or fun.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa

P.S.  A little TBT pic from my first trip to Disney in 1988….

yes, I had no front teeth back then....and I still have that towel...I can't throw it away. #hoarder

yes, I had no front teeth back then….and I still have that towel…I can’t throw it away. #hoarder


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