Ca$h – My New Economic Plan Update: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Budgeting is flipping hard.

I have never been good at tracking my money.  I always have a rough idea of what I spent.  Every once in a blue moon I over did it, but never to the point where I incurred interest, needed loans, etc.

October proved to be amazing in that capacity.  I tracked every coffee, gallon of gas, parking fee and girl’s night dinner.  I made coffee at home instead of just grabbing Starbucks.  I spent a lot of money on social eating and drinking.  I ended up being only about $2 over…but that comes with a bit of an disclaimer as I also spent a lot of money on “taking advantage of discounts” and essentially robbed Peter to pay Paul.

For example, I started the month with a $200 bill at Sephora.  Why you ask?  I was stocking up on my favourite things that I use every day because I had a 15% off coupon.  I did something similar with some race bib discounts I received from doing the 10K with my grams…however, what I spent ($224 on two pairs of shorts from lululemon and 3 sports bras) wouldn’t quite fit into the budget for this month, so I moved it to November…not a smart move, I know.

Now, with those items that I bought (though they were a great deal and one of them I gave to my grandma to give me for Christmas), and some other November financial commitments, I have very, very little left to spend for November.  Eek.

I’m going to try my best to stick to my budget as best as I can over the next two months, but well, I feel like I am already at a disadvantage given my pushing purchases until November…but I also have Christmas, car insurance and if I feel like really going crazy, snow tires to pay for.

The good news is that I’m much more aware of what I am spending and I’m learning to make smarter choices.  I know I can’t be 100% perfect overnight, but I’m hoping that slowly but surely, my financial awesomeness will improve as the weeks and months pass.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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