November Goals

UMGH5052[1]This last week was a rough one.  Apparently being a few hours away from home on a painfully long training course with weird people makes for a stressful week.  Though I do admit, the surroundings were gorgeous.

But…. I still managed to get in three 5K runs (and some other fitness too), and was completely pain free.


Clearly, I’m quite excited.

I’m hoping that I can slowly build in November.  From three runs at about 5K a time to slightly faster times (right now my fastest is about 27:15 so maybe get into the low 26s) or longer runs, maybe doing one run a week at a 10K distance by the end of the month.  I don’t want to push too much because last time I did that, I had to take another break.  And, well, if I want to do a spring half, I can’t be taking more two plus week breaks.

To keep my motivation high, I’m aiming to make this week’s distance goal of 13.1 miles in tribute to my Team Can-Am girls, who will be running Wine and Dine in Orlando this weekend.  Unfortunately, the change of job situation and some family stuff ruined my ability to go, but I’m already planning on hitting up 2016 and hopefully pain free.

As of today, I have run 3.12 miles of the 13.1 I need to run to hit 13.1 miles by Saturday night.  So I need to run another 9.98 miles to run.  I’m hoping to try and run 4 miles on Tuesday, a 5K on Thursday and a 5K on Saturday.  I know it is four runs instead of three, but I promise I will take it easy….so Team Can Am, do not fear.

I’m also hoping to stick with my strength training.  I keep missing workouts–I need to make sure I keep consistent…especially with my injury recovery strength training.  I also want to try and sneak in an extra swim workout on the weekends this morning…so that way I can see even more improvements in my Thursday night swim club performance.  I’m pretty slow (even though I’m in the faster lane) and I want to be able to keep up.

Oh and one other thing–since there are thirty days in November, I’m challenging myself to an old chestnut of a challenge– 30/30/30.

What are your November goals?  Let me know in the comments!

~Princess Lisa


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