#Chewsday Check-in

Chewsday Check-in time again….and up until this weekend it was quite good.  I made some good choices and managed to eat only when I was hungry.  I felt like I was really on the right track.  My weight bumped back down and I was down to 165.2 and I was feeling pretty good.

Then the weekend happened. Volunteering for race kit pick up in an unheated gym (brrr!) with nothing to eat but junk (think donuts, crackers, mini chocolate bars–thank goodness I brought an apple) for 8 hours.  Then on Sunday, being beyond exhausted and emotionally burnt out from racing with my grams…meant eating a massive bag of chips, two banana pancakes and a piece of toast for the entire day. #chewsday fail of epic proportions.

I stepped on the scale today and I’m up half a pound to 165.7.  Not as bad as I had anticipated, but I’m rather confident it is because I went back to eating when I was hungry on Monday instead of continuing on the eat everything I see plan.

I continue to be amazed at how much less I am eating throughout the day when I focus only on eating when I feel strong hunger (vs eating out of habit and light hunger).  I will also be intrigued to see what happens when I’m able to start running again.  I’m confident that this focus on eating only when I’m hungry (minus the odd bad day) is the reason that my few slip ups are only temporary blips on the scale rather than longer term gains.

I don’t know if I give this style of eating a full on endorsement yet, but we’ll see.  I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is, like me, on the injury recovery bus.  I look forward to the day I get to try it out while half marathon training (esp. since it will mean I am running again!).  YAY!

Hope you are having a fabulous #chewday!

~Princess Lisa


4 thoughts on “#Chewsday Check-in

    • It’s def. a love hate thing with scales…though I find that, when I don’t weight myself regularly, things tend to unravel a bit. I wish I could just use the whole how do your pants feel, but meh…the numbers seem to have more impact.

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