(Emotional) Hill Training

Me and Grams, pre 10K

Me and Grams, pre 10K

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a most wonderful weekend of running, maybe racing and most importantly, enjoying some beautiful autumn days.

My weekend was busy–overstuffed with commitments.  Volunteering, visiting friends, racing with my grandmother, curling lessons, helping my dad.  It’s been awhile since I have had weekends this busy (never mind having them two in a row).  By the time Sunday night came around, I was absolutely done.

It was an emotional weekend too.  Lots of ups and downs.  Feeling proud, feeling discouraged, feeling excited, feeling sad.  I volunteered with a friend for race kit pick up for the Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service Half Marathon, 10K and 5K.  It was equally inspiring and depressing, given my never wanting to heal hip flexor injury.  Yes, I admit it, I was totally feeling sorry for myself for a good part of the weekend, lame as that is.

But.  It wasn’t all woe is me.

I was blown away by all of the people coming in to grab their race kits and seeing their excitement and nerves.  It was fun to talk to other volunteers and to actually meet a rather infamous Winnipeg runner who dresses as mash up Star Wars/Disney/Muppets characters for races (follow him on instagram at @deebo27).  Was super nice to finally meet in real life!

Me and Annette, post Pixie Dust Challenge

Me and Annette, post Pixie Dust Challenge

During the downtimes in race kit pick up, I spoke with the friend I was volunteering with–my friend Annette who joined me for both Princess and Tink this year. We spoke of starting a running club in our end of town–as there are no formal running clubs in the north west part of Winnipeg.  She is talking to one of her friends who happens to be a runner and works for our local gym–we are hoping to get something done and make that a reality in spring 2016.  This got me super excited about running again.  Seriously…hip flexor injury–you need to fix yourself asap because I need to get back to running asap!

Then it was race morning.  Woke up early, got ready, picked up my grams and we were off.  She was very excited to get moving.  Sadly she didn’t get her PR, though she did win her age group again–finished in 1:37 and change.  Her PR is 1:29:50.  She said she was going to work hard to train better for next year.  My grams inspires me to no end–in terms of her get up and go and her

New medal for the collection!

New medal for the collection!

willingness and ability to come out and do this race (she does two a year, this was her fourth 10K in two years).  But, I noticed some changes from last year to this year.  She was distracted by things….would take off without me, or roam into the thru lane of traffic on the race course (only one lane was blocked off at times and she didn’t like being close to the curb because of the potholes) like she forgot I was with her, which is problematic in the chaos that is a race.  I eventually had to start holding onto her so I wouldn’t lose her to a cute baby or a friendly puppy.  The whole morning made me feel a mixture of pride, inspiration, frustration, sadness and some straight up worrying, wondering what could happen when I’m not right next to her.

When I eventually got home, I was exhausted.  Mentally, emotionally though not really physically.  I ended up spending most of the day eating my way through an entire bag of potato chips (this is what happens when I’m exhausted to the point where making food just isn’t going to happen) and sleeping.  #Chewsday fail.

After a solid night’s sleep, I feel a little bit better, but my worries about my dear old grams still remain.

Much love,

~Princess Lisa


6 thoughts on “(Emotional) Hill Training

  1. Makes sense about grams. She’s getting older and it is exhausting (and also gratifying) to be w her. But knowing what you know now, it can help with the next time you are in a crowded sort of situation. It is a bit of policing but it’s a necessary thing. It’s switching to a new normal (not one we all prefer – sigh – but necessary evil).

    I think you need a time out day for yourself and see how it goes from there.

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