It’s almost time….

…to participate in the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS) 10K with my now 81-year old grandmother.

Grams celebrated her belated 80th birthday with a 22 minute improvement on her 10K time and winning her age group!

Grams finished with a 22 minute improvement on her 10K time and winning her age group shortly after turning 80 last year!

To say I was crazy proud of her was an understatement.  That was her second 10K in her life, the first being only 4 months prior.  On Sunday, when she does the WFPS again, she will have completed her fourth 10K.

I’m not sure if she will hit a PR like she is hoping. She wants to win her age group again and ring that damn PR bell.  I’m her pace bunny for the race, but I’m hesitant to try pushing her.

Unfortunately my grandmother took a nasty fall down some slippery steps in January of this year and ended up spending two weeks in the hospital with broken rips, a punctured lung and a blood clot.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s doing much better and has recovered for all intents and purposes, but I don’t see her “movin’ it” at the gym like she used to.

Either way, I’m proud of her and fortunate enough that I get to experience this with her.  I can’t wait to cross that finish line arm and arm with her.  It’s so much fun to play a supporting role in her accomplishing this goal when she has played such a supportive role throughout my entire life.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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