Listen all of y’all it’s a (self) sabotage!

Might be one of the best videos of all time…and def. my second favourite Beastie Boys song (Intergalactic edges it out slightly because it has a LOT of memories attached to it, but I digress).

I always find myself at this weird point when it comes to weight loss. I lose about 5lbs and my resolve to just stick with good choices goes away. It’s a weird bit of self sabotage–because it ends with me gaining a bit of weight again, getting frustrated and then sometimes just giving up.

As an aside, this is where I feel like going on the scale is a bad thing for me, but, at the same time, when I don’t weight myself regularly, I find that my weight goes out of control.  So I try to weight myself once every few days.  Normally before the weekend, and after the weekend to keep myself somewhat accountable as weekends are always hard for healthy eating.

The best snack ever! Thank goodness they are a 7 hour drive and a border crossing away from me.

With a weekend of eating out a lot, I found myself being a bit lax on proper eating on Tuesday…eating a number of my Trader Joe’s S’mashing S’mores (oh why did I open that box last week), the last éclair of the batch I made, a square of salted dark chocolate my colleague offered me, and a quarter of a muffin.  I’m not sure if it was a comfort thing, or an weird hungrier than normal thing, cravings, or a self sabotage thing..though toward the end of the night, when I popped two S’mashing S’mores, I felt this weird “defeat” vibe.  Like it’s already been a crappy eating day, what’s another 120 calories.

And that’s stupid.  For reals. Why I ate all that crap I have no idea.  But unlike other times, when I just run my way out of it, or worse, just give up, I’m not going to.  One can come back from a bad few days.  I just need to be diligent, get back to eating when i’m hungry and not when I simply see and want food (so hard to do but so good for you), make smarter choices when I do eat and move more….oh and maybe not plunk myself down in front of a box of TJ’s S’mashing S’mores…despite how delicious they are. lol.

Man, I wrote S’mashing S’mores a LOT in this post…damn addictive and delicious things.  But jokes aside, this self sabotage thing needs to stop.  I need to build that inner resilience not bugger up my early success as it is the only way I will ever gain proper control of my weight once and for all.

Do you have troubles with self sabotage when it comes to weight loss or weight maintenance? Any tips? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


10 thoughts on “Listen all of y’all it’s a (self) sabotage!

  1. I’m the same way. I have such an all or nothing attitude. It’s like, well, I already screwed up once today, might as well just go whole hog and start again tomorrow. Or like with this WLC thing I’m doing, I’ve already messed up a couple of days and my first instinct is just to say, “Eff it, I’ve failed. Might as well just go back to eating crap!” It’s so hard to just keep going.

    • It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who experiences this. I think the not giving up part is key…but remembering that at the time, and to continue on the right path, even when you’ve messed up is so hard. Maybe it’s all about a mental shift to good enough instead of all or nothing.

  2. I actually totally get this.

    First of all, TJ’s is about 2 blocks from me and thanks for the tip!

    Secondly, I think when we lose a bit of poundage, we feel like woo! We did well. We deserve a reward then screw it up. I definitely feel I get slightly cocky about things when I slim down even a little. It’s terrible but instead of sticking to my guns, I backslide happily. So I end up staying around the same weight forever instead of significant change.

    So, I have to make peace with this is how I am and I like to complain but also I enjoy food and indulging but I also work my ass off at the gym cuz I enjoy that too.

    Maybe if there was an actual incentive – I would be way more inclined to stick to some sort of meal plan. I do like staying accountable but ya know. We like food. 😉

    • def. like food…and Smashing Smores, clearly. So. Damn. Good.

      I think it is a bit of a cockiness…and reward based behaviour…I lost some weight so I deserve that dinner out or that cake….and you let yourself indulge more than normal…and then bam, weight is up again. This is where I wish I could give up on weighing myself…but gah…not weighing myself isn’t good either. lol. I got 99 problems…. 😉

  3. I swear that getting on the scales and seeing a loss triggers my body to go into survival mode as I then eat things I would never normally consume. I just wrote a book with a trainer who explained exactly why this happens and its all to do with the subconscious…you can retrain it. I just need to tell my brain that.

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